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Dr. Chalam Mahadevan

Board Certified in both General and Cardiothoracic Surgery, and is a Accredited Certified Vascular Technologist and Registered Vascular Physician Interpreter.

Dr. Mahadevan has over 20 years of surgical experience and has performed more than 7,000 cardiothoratic and vascular surgeries. He is Board Certified in General and Cardiothoracic Surgery, and is an Accredited Certified Vascular Technologist and a Registered Vascular Physician Interpreter. Dr. Mahadevan is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow. He is also a member of the American College of Phlebology. Additionally, Dr. Mahadevan has pioneered the creation of several medical products and devices and holds U.S. and International patents.

During his career as a cardiac surgeon, Dr. Mahadevan has removed countless leg veins for use in coronary bypass procedures. This has led to an interest in assisting patients who are experiencing the pain and discomfort of venous disease.

  • "I arrived at Dr. Mahadevan/ Atlanta Vein Specialist with painful varicose veins. From the beginning of my care to the writing of this review, I received stellar care. The level of concern and care from the Doctor to his entire staff has been superb! Each procedure and follow up visit has allowed me to observe a rarity in many medical offices – true devotion to the quality of service for each patient. It has been a pleasure to be under the care of Dr Mahadevan"

    C Peterson

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "Dr.M and the entire staff are very professional and made the process easy to understand. I had so much leg discomfort before going to AVS. The actual procedure was entirely painless and the recovery fast. I have none of the original pain and discomfort from before the procedure. My legs look so much neat and no pain or arching. Thank you Dr. M!"

    K Castillo

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "I was very pleased with Dr. M. He was professional, yet a true friend. I would highly recommend him. Many thanks"

    S. Murphy

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "Dr M and the staff are so caring and made me feel comfortable the minute I walked into the office. I was confident that Dr. M was recommending the appropriate treatment and he answered all my questions, taking time with me. I felt like he was interested in knowing that I understood everything and felt comfortable. I have already recommended this office and will continue to do so."

    S Patton

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "Dr. Mahadevan and his excellent staff were wonderful! I highly recommend them to anyone contemplating vein surgery. From talking to others who’s had surgery elsewhere, there was no comparison- Atlanta Vein Specialist ran a top notch operation."


    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "I sincerely appreciate the excellent care I received from Dr. M and his fantastic staff. I had some serious vein problems and Dr. M took care of them – in fact, I didn’t know how bad my legs felt ( I have been living with the vein issues for a long time) until after my surgeries – my legs fell fantastic and I could not be happier. So to recap – Dr M. and his staff took excellent care of me and I would recommend them very highly – they all really care about my well being. Thank you."

    S Plate

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "My experience with the Atlanta Vein Specialists was top notch. Dr. M is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. The staff is very friendly and first class. I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr. M characterized my veins as the largest he's seen on a man. After a procedure my legs look normal and I have a lot more energy, just a Dr. M promised. Everyone was so kind and I can't thank them enough. "

    J Nichols

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "As a patient of Dr. Mahadevan, I have been very pleased with the results of my legs after treatment. He and his staff are very polite, caring and loving. I will recommend him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable in his profession. Dr. Mahadevan called me himself after the surgery to see how I was doing. I want back to work the next day. Thank you Dr. Mahadevan and staff."

    S Land

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "Dr. Mahadevan spent quality time with me especially on the first visit. Treatment wen as Dr. Mahadevan explained. The bulging veins are gone and my legs look normal again. The staff – both from office and nurses – are very pleasant and accommodating. I wish other clinics has the kind of staff that is at Atlanta Vein Specialists."

    A Foaud

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "Dr. Mahadevan in my opinion was the best vascular surgeon that I could have had for my vein problems. His personality is remarkable, considering the surgeries he dos each day in my opinion I had the best car by the staff. And again a fantastic vascular surgeon."

    R Ginani

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Mahadevan for any work needing to be done on your legs. He is phenomenal! I had really deep bulging varicose veins all down my legs. It took 5 procedures to get it all done but it was well worth it. Everyone at the office was wonderful. I can say enough great things about them. My legs look amazing! Anyone needing varicose vein removal, call Dr. Mahadevan. He is a miracle worker. "

    C Cappelletti

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "Dr. M spent time with me explaining in detail the outpatient laser surgery I needed to correct my varicose veins. I experience no pain during or after the procedure and woke up feeling normal. There was no down time or loss of work due to the treatment. Dr. M's staff was particularly courteous and helpful before, during and after my surgery. Now I sleep better because my legs don't throb, and I don't get tired even after working all day standing on my feet. I would recommend Dr. M to anyone experiencing vein issues."

    J Clark

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "I started having varicose vein problem from my first pregnancy and increased it with my second pregnancy. I had them for both of my legs. My uncle referred me to Dr. Mahadevan. Dr. Mahadevan explained me very well of what procedures he will be doing and how he will doing them. He was very professional and very talented. I got 6 surgeries done starting from January 3rd week every Friday and was done by February last week. The surgeries went very smoothly and I was able to resume my normal life from the next day of my each surgery. I could definitely recommend Dr. Mahadevan to all my friends and family. He is one of the best doctor I have met so far."

    K Peddu

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient
  • "The entire process was wonderful. The receptionist, the nurses, the doctor, were amazing. The results exceeded my expectations! Great experience, excellent results!"

    James M

    Atlanta Vein Specialists Patient

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